Engineering Services

Reservoir and caprock injection testing is a critical process for the oil and gas production, which involves the injection of fluids into geological formations to enhance hydrocarbon recovery.  To ensure the safety and success of these injection operations, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the reservoir and caprock’s physical properties and behavior.  The importance of specialized knowledge in this field cannot be overstated.  Such tests involve a complex understanding of fluid dynamics, rock mechanics, thermodynamics and geological formations. 


Testing & Analyses

At Engenius, we specialize in caprock and reservoir testing utilizing the following methods: diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT), mini-frac, step-rate test (SRT), low-rate injectivity test, vertical communication test, and well-pair communication test, etc.



Engineering R&D

To innovate and stay ahead of the competition, companies need to invest in cutting-edge research and development effort.  With expertise in conducting scientific research, system/process design, experimental design and modelling, Engenius can tailor our research projects to each client’s unique objective.  Additionally, we can integrate data science and analytics technologies to complement any research studies, providing clients with insights that can help them identify new opportunities, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.